About us

What's the idea?

We all have the perfect recipes we got from friends and family. For food lovers, we constantly tweak recipes and invent more along the way. Awesome Recipes lets you make those recipes with fun sketches then share them. Tweaking and inventing is spontaneous and so is making recipes with Awesome Recipes. Who knows, Aunt Maria may ask you for the recipe for your apple pie? Now you have Awesome Recipes to record it easily and share with her instantly!

We came together for Rails Rumble 2014 in Hamburg to accept a challenge. That October weekend let's us share music, food and stories while creating Awesome Recipes. In the world's open fields, we look forward to more adventures and more great recipes with open arms.

Brought to you by

  • Jan Krutisch
    Code spewing, hammering and soldering general-purpose action geek.
  • Thorsten Böttger
    Grumpy freelancer, from Hamburg, Germany, Rails developer, father of five, and coffee-lover.
  • Florian Munz
    Eat well. Drink well. Code well.
  • Denise Tham
    Often been found asking questions, bug hunting and doodling away.

Special thanks to precious design studio for letting us take over their awesome studio place plus (preheated) espresso machine. You are all awesome!

We hope you enjoy the results of our humble website, and probably take the chance to try out one of our awesome recipes! Send us your feedback, or find us on Twitter